“Perseverance can overcome all obstacles. Even the laws of nature cannot stop it”, John Rockefeller

Who are we?

We are pleased to welcome you to “Terragrain Group” LLC website who is an importer and distributor of chemical products for agro-industrial sector. We will be glad to answer any of your questions.

“Terragrain Group” company is an acknowledged leader in the area of import and sale fertilizers with successful experience within Ukraine.

Operational background

We deal in the area of providing agricultural producers with quality products and services to increase the efficiency of growing practice of agricultural crops. Our company was founded relatively recently – in 2013, but since then it has been growing rapidly and conquering new peaks. “Terragrain Group” is an official importer and distributor fertilizers of international and domestic companies. We are the first company to import nitrate fertilizer of Polish manufacturer with trademark Pulan to Ukraine.

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Today we sell products of well-known Polish manufacturers Grupa Azoty Pulawy, Grupa Azoty Kedzierzyn, Grupa Azoty Fosfory, Grupa Azoty Police, Luvena and of leading manufacturers from other countries. More details about our product range can be found in the “Goods” section. However, we don’t just sell chemical products. We also provide logistics services, storage and product packaging, product delivery to the destination and processing of all the necessary shipping documents. We offer our clients services to store the product in our storage facilities, where large quantities of both liquid and loose goods can be stored at the same time. In addition to that, we have a large rail/freight car park of our own and rented rail cars as well as tank containers. We are accredited with the Ukrainian Railway and we cooperate with the biggest transportation companies and ports in Ukraine. We have considerable experience in international shipping with 1435 mm standard gauge.


Why do people choose us?

Our company’s impeccable reputation is proven by a long-term cooperation with well-known European financial and insurance institutions as well as by non-existence of lawsuits or legal claims. In case of any misunderstandings, we can always discuss them and, due to the flexible management policy, we come to a compromise in any case. Our company is invested in by leading European banks which regularly monitor the company’s financial state. We pay special attention to prompt registration of VAT for our clients and we always pay our taxes in full and on time. Our actions speak of us better than our words. Thus, we take active part in social projects and do charity work which you can learn more about on the relevant page of our website.

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