“Love is always selfless. We wish for the world to become kinder”

“Do good for people and forget it. It will return to you abundantly” – Oleksandr Pidsukha

How do we help?

We so wish for goodness to become an example to follow, and for people who are ready to do even small acts for no reason to become more and more every day. For this exact reason, “Terragrain Group” company, besides its principal activity, does charity work, particularly supporting children’s homes and schools. It has become a good tradition to visit “Children’s home of Cherkasy region “Malyatko” on regular basis. The age of the children is from 0 months to four years old, thus the facility constantly requires children’s hygiene products, clothing, educational toys and sometimes quality milk formulas as well. The kids get sweets and educational presents for all the holidays – St. Nick’s Day, New Year’s, Children’s Day and so on. These children neither have a caring Mommy nor a loving Daddy, thus we would like to make their short but already full of challenges lives better by helping financially at the least. Moreover, “Terragrain Group” often acts as a sponsor for repairs and renovations in comprehensive schools and kindergartens in Cherkasy. Redoing the floors in the classroom or the hall, purchasing sports equipment and school supplies and equipment, and school furniture are the things that any entrepreneur can contribute in. Our plans for 2019 are to engage every client in charity. 1% of every purchase will be wired for charity, although we do leave the right to choose to you. Attitude towards charity is to each their own: some people consider it to be goodness, others – foolishness; after all, in the modern world everyone is used to being rewarded for his services. However, charity is not a one-dimensional act! We believe that acts of kindness cause chain reactions and, having done good for people, we will inspire them to help others.